Colman Daly Construction

Client: Colman Daly
Services: Brand Development
Company: Sinéad McElhone

Colman Daly runs a construction company, based in San Bruno, CA. Colman Daly Construction was in need of a logo design and online presence.

The Daly family comes from Dublin and has been in construction industry for years. I incorporated the Dublin crest into the logo, as that had perviously been used as the main logo for the company. By adding this with the typography and initials of the company, we were able to create a unique identity for Colman Daly Construction. 

While Colman Daly Construction has previously relied on recommendations and word of mouth for new business, the new website is now a new source to reach further outside their community and attracted new customers. 

Brand development included a new logo, print collateral, as well as design and build of their website