We made our first trip to Ireland 2 weeks ago! We decided to stay with Paul in Roscommon, instead of traveling up and down the country like I usually do. We also go to stay with Francie and Rosaleen and see the new place they got in Roscommon! I loved it, it's big with rooms for just about everyone and they have 2 dogs, a donkey, and just recently a miniature horse...and obviously cattle. Paul's place was the same but since I'd been there 2 years ago there's been additions to his animals as well, there's another horse he's looking after and a new dog named Judy, after Judge Judy of course! We arrived Friday morning and it was decided we should do a small kayak trip down the river and Dermit would pick us up at the end so we wouldn't have to go against the current. Which was actually pretty awesome, the dogs came with us the whole way too. And for Judy being really quite young, she did a great job swimming along with us...we actually had to try to chase up to land at times so she wouldn't tire herself out. Taylor is now an old pro at it though. After that we had some bacon and cabbage, which was delicious! And then the McElhones called to say they were coming to pick us up so we could be at the house when the rest of them arrived. Grainne is living with Francie and Rosaleen, and the Patricia, Liam, Trea, (baby) Liam, and Aoibheann all came down for the weekend. Needless to say I was very excited to see everyone! We went out with all the cousins to the local pub Dalton's, where we started a sing song among ourselves and then ran out of the pub when we realized how much we were embarrassing ourselves (and Francie)!! haha I do have a video of this, but have decided that I don't really want to embarrass ourselves again, and I think I might be killed!

These awesome mustache glasses were a gift from Courtney and Shelby and we had some fun with them that weekend!! Oh and I had to share the picture of Francie asleep and hungover, all curled up in his chair!!

On Saturday, Patricia brought us back over to Paul's, where they were working bringing all their turf in. Paul had conveniently planned for us to stop by the Connors and then go kayaking again, a long route this time that would take about 2 hours. Being a bit still drunk from the night before I thought this was a great idea! However once on the river for what felt like 3 hours and my hang over starting to kick in I wasn't quite as excited about being there...unfortunately there's no pictures from kayaking, I didn't want to risk my phone dropping in the river. Although I have no excuses for not having any pictures for Saturday night, when we went out to Rockfords (the night club in Roscommon)...I'm thinking Patricia has them all cuz I know we took pictures!

On Sunday we went back to the McElhone's, and Philip came down for the day too! Liam made us all pork goulash and it was amazing! After lunch Patricia drove us, Liam, Philip, and Francie down to Paul's local where we watched the Hurling All Ireland, which Galway was in and Paul's local is in Galway so they were all very excited...although it was a draw. At the end of the match though one woman was clapping and cheering saying "we didn't loose!" All the McElhone's then went home and started their drive back up North. We stayed with Paul for another drink until Monica came to pick us up. When we got home Dermit was still working bringing in all the turf so Ian decided it was about time he started working, especially since earlier that day Paul had him taking pictures with the a full load of turf even though he didn't bring any of it in! Paul also pulled a Papa, yelling at me to come out and take his picture so I could show everyone back home, pretty funny!

Trea - this one is big especially for you so you can see the dogs...Taylor is the big one, first time I've ever thought he looked big!