Ok so this post was supposed to be up last week when the Olympics were actually just starting, not like in middle of it all! Sorry!!

So last Tuesday the torch was going through Hounslow, which is where all my family lives so I joined them in the park to watch it go by! (Ian unfortunately had to work so he didn't get to see any of it.) It was a really fun day, Aunt Mary got to the park early with the girls to grab a good spot and brought us a little picnic and everything which was awesome. And then there was a stage set up, for the runner with the torch to run up to at the end but there was also a Jazz band playing before and after. The girls ran out a few times, dragging a few of us out with them, to go dancing. And the weather was beautiful!! So sunny out, I think I might have gotten a bit burnt from it! But Mary scored us some awesome seat and we were like right next to the torch as the guy ran by! It was a very awesome experience!

So then on Friday, the Olympic Opening Ceremony was on! And I thought I was sooo awesome because I read that Hyde Park had big screens up to watch all the Olympics and thought it'd be so cool to watch the opening ceremony there. However, when Ian and I made our way to Hyde Park we found out that you needed tickets for the opening ceremony...not too pleased about that once, especially since it had started raining and we now had no plans where to watch it (BTW we have no cable so going home and watching it was not an option). So we just started walking in the direction of home and hoping to find a bar on the way to sit and watch it all and all of a sudden planes flew by smoking out red, white and blue! It was awesome, and as you can see in the photo a lot of people were caught off guard by this loud way to let us all know the ceremony was about to start. We finally did find a pub to sit and watch the ceremony in, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. We were a little nervous at first with the weird like animation thing at the beginning but I think overall it was great. I loved the bit with the Queen (although did anyone else notice how bored she looked throughout the whole thing? lol) and the NHS part with the kids in the beds and reading and all that, and of course the music was awesome! The pub we were in closed before the ceremony ended so we rushed home to watch the end online and made it home in time to watch them light the torch which was beyond awesome! Oh and the fireworks at the end, yes we could hear those at our apartment and it definitely scared me! haha