Linda and Andrew Visit

So it's almost two weeks ago now, but Auntie Linda and Andrew came to visit for a couple days on their way to Ireland. It was more to see her sister and nephew, but I was very excited to see a couple people from home and get to play tourist with them! We went around on the tour bus on Friday in order to see all the sites. We even went into Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Kate got married. I don't think Andrew was quite as excited about walking around it until we got to poets corner, where Chaucer and Dickens are buried with a few more and memorials to others. But I think he was most excited to get to a computer and send his old English teacher an email bragging about it all!

Oh and the crowds had definitely started picking up by this point with people starting to arrive for the Olympics. There's even more now! I've noticed a lot more police around every tube station and in the busier ones they have people at the stops directing the crowds.

Anyway, while we were touring the city Linda really wanted to go to Harrods to see what it was all about. We decided to have high tea there and be really English! Also, I think Harrods has almost everything you could want, and if you could afford it, you could literally stay in there all day seeing as they have all types of food at your disposal! Anyway, we went in for high tea and scones and cakes. I decided to have Queen of Pudding, when I order it the waiter looked at me and asked if I was sure I didn't want anything else seeing as it was a bit small. Just look at the picture to see how small, we were cracking up!

Small, more like a bite full and then your done! Haha but it was a lot of fun and we realized that the next time we go for high tea we are getting the three tier plates with scones and cakes and everything! We were looking at the people next to us wanting to steal things off their plates!

We went out for dinner later than night with some of Linda's friends, Fraser (not sure if that's spelled right, sorry!) and Joyce. Andrew was supposedly a bit jet lagged still and ended up falling asleep at the table after we'd all eaten. He did seem to find some energy though when we mentioned getting a drink at the bar next door.

The following day, Linda and Andrew came to see our flat and then we all met Linda's sister and went to see The Mouse Trap. Linda's nephew is an understudy for one of the main parts but unfortunately we didn't get to see him on stage! We were making plans to take the guys out before the show but we didn't end up making it on time :/ but it was fun and its the longest running play in London, been there for 60 years!

After the play David, Linda's nephew, took us to The Ivy - some fancy bar where in order to go upstairs you need club membership, which David has and was able to get us all in with his! It's also like literally ten feet away from the theatre so that was awesome. Andrew challenged his cousin to chess, where he got his ass kicked and we all enjoyed some yummy cocktails. It was a very fun night and a great way to end their fast trip to London.