Wandering Around London

We made it to London and I'm finally sitting down to write all about it. I am hoping to blog about life/adventures/design once a week but it may take me a bit of time to get into a routine with that! So we arrived in London almost three weeks ago and have been keeping pretty busy since. Our first week/weekend my cousin Catherine was over for the weekend so we got to spend some time with her, which was awesome! We got to hang out with her and Deborah at the park with Deborah's two girls - Matilda and Sophie. And then went to visit Debs at work, making us some delicious cocktails! There's some pictures of the park below, and of the girls wearing their American dresses which they LOVE! On Sunday, Babs had a BBQ for Debs and James' birthdays so we were kept well entertained those first few days and got to meet lots of new people!

at the park

The next week, Ian kind of went to work seeing as the whole office was in Emeryville for a conference...but he did go in on Wednesday when I went with Babs and James to Wimbledon! It was James' birthday that day, and I believe he brought us some luck because we were able to score Center Court tickets! Babs and I had some Pimms and lemonade, I was told that it was a must at Wimbledon - very English. We drank these on the hill, where there is a big screen of the Center Court games and you can bring a picnic and just hang out there and watch the games. When we made it into the Center Court we got to watch the end of Wozniacki and Paszek's game, which was amazing and very intense! We then watched Kim Clijsters make her comeback and lastly was Nocak Djokovic playing American Ryan Harrison. The Djokovic - Harrison games was really great, Harrison was not ranked and playing one of the top ranked tennis players, and I must say he did an amazing job against him. He did loose in three sets, but they were surprisingly exciting matches.